Look, Up In The Sky! It’s THE PLANET PODCAST!

March 4, 2015 Posted by J. Marcus

The Planet Podcast
The Planet Podcast
Look, Up In The Sky! It's THE PLANET PODCAST!

Album ArtWelcome to the very first episode of “The Planet Podcast”!  We hope it’s everything we promised and so much more.  In our inaugural outing, Dion joins me to discuss The Man of Steel’s first animated outing in 1941’s animated feature “Superman” or “The Mad Scientist” from Fleischer Studios.  Thrill to the first adventure of Superman on the big screen with Dion and I as we take a look at how he fared in this first adventure.

And, thanks to the miracles of public domain, feel free to enjoy the animated short in its entirety here on the Planet Podcast website.  And don’t be afraid to share your thoughts on both the short and our podcast below.  Enjoy!


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